A future where precision medicine is the standard

Alamya Health uses multi-modal genomics to enhance understanding of health and disease and to foster diagnostic, preventative, and therapeutic precision medicine.

Precision medicine is predicated on achieving an accurate diagnosis

Whole genome sequencing in conjunction with RNA sequencing (transcriptome) and assessment of DNA methylation (epigenome) significantly increases diagnostic precision and yield.

Our Solutions

Point of Care Deployments

A new generation of sequencing technology, at point of care.

Testing Solutions

Alamya Health offers a number of tests to solve your patient or research needs.​

Testing with us

Find the testing solution that works best for you and your patient.

Next Era WGS​

Cutting-edge genome profiling with short-read (SR) and long-read (LR) sequencing of the entire human genome​

Generation Beyond​

Research-grade nanopore long-read (LR) whole genome sequencing​

Variant Clarification

Advanced suite of solutions to facilitate more accurate variant classification

Genomic Health Screen​

Comprehensive screening program that offers genomic screening and consultation/counseling​

Thank you to Alamya Health for testing my patients.
This incredible team was able to find a diagnosis when no one else could. The report is exactly as I reviewed with them. It has the information needed in a format that’s easy to understand and follow. THANK YOU!

Angela Myers, MD, FACMG

Medical Biochemical Genetics and Clinical Genetics
University of California, Irvine

Uncertain is Unacceptable​

Listen to a few of Alamya Health’s leaders talk about how Alamya Health and Breakthrough Genomics use multi-modal whole genome sequencing technologies to advance precision medicine.

Making precision medicine a reality, together.

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